Indoor & Office Plant Displays

indoor office plants maintenance corkAs a general rule of thumb most tropical plants are available in a range of sizes and sourced directly from growers in Holland. Equally planters are available in a range of materials, colours, shapes, sizes and finishes.

Each project is accessed on an individual basis. During this consultation process a number of issues are discussed such as the client wishes, interior design, location of displays and environment conditions. In situations where no natural light is present or a cold location, an artificial tree may be recommended.

The majority of business clients rent displays on a monthly basis this includes the plant and the planter with regular service visits per annum along with any plant replacement during the course of the rental period.

indoor office plants

During a typical service visit the displays would be cleaned by means of wipes/application of leaf shine spray/water misting, any dead/dying foliage would be removed, monitoring of pest control, pruning, assessment of the health of the plant and water/plant food requirements.

In addition, clients in time can rotate the type of displays as their requirements change or want a fresh look while working within the same budget.

Pricing is based on 12 month period with payment by monthly standing order or Invoice. All rental goods remain the property of Greenveldt Ltd for the entire rental period.

Office Plant DisplaysTropical plants displays are generally viewed as the finishing touches to a workplace environment but research has shown that plants reduce stress and improve concentration/productivity among staff in the workplace, along with removing toxins from carpets/paint and absorbing noise.

As well as indoor office plants, Greenveldt also offers an outdoor plants and Christmas displays rental service to clients in Cork.

Please contact us if you need additional information or to make an appointment.