Outdoor Plant Displays

Greenveldt Ltd provides a range of products for the seasonal display client this may be a window box or hanging basket or planter outside the clients premises.

When the client rents a seasonal display they receive two seasonal changes per annum, the first in May and the second in October the summer displays are removed and a selection of Winter/Autumn/Spring plants are installed. This may consist of trailing ivies, fatsia plants, skimmea plants and spring bulbs and pansies.

Each project is accessed on an individual basis. During this consultation process a number of issues are discussed such as the client wishes, exterior design, location of displays and environment

Outdoor Window Boxes Rental CorkThe majority of business clients rent displays on a monthly basis. This includes the plants/windowbox/hanging basket or planter, servicing and installation of brackets to secure the display.

During a typical service visit the displays would be assessed for water/plant food requirements, any dead/dying foliage would be removed, monitoring of pest control, assessment of the health of the plants, pruning, dead heading and any plant replacement during the course of the rental period.

Pricing is based on 12 month period with payment by monthly standing order or Invoice.

All goods supplied and maintained remain the property of Greenveldt Ltd.

Outdoor Window Boxes Rental CorkWhen the client receives a seasonal display, they receive two seasonal changes per annum, the first in May and the second in October.

The displays are serviced weekly during May to October and on average once a fortnight for the balance of the year.

The displays in May would consist of a selection of summer planting such as trailing surfinia petunias, begonias and bidens for the entire rental period.

As well as outdoor plants, Greenveldt also offers an indoor office plants and Christmas displays rental service to clients in Cork.

Please contact us if you need additional information or to make an appointment.